13:05 05.12.2017
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Ногу Свело! — Хару Мамбуру

Ногу Свело! — Хару Мамбуру (Haru Mamburu)

11:20 01.12.2017
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Tarja — No Bitter End

Tarja "No Bitter End" Official Music Video

Leading up to the release of not only one but two upcoming new studio albums by Tarja in June and August, the queen of heavy rock premieres the official music video for her first single "No Bitter End".

"No Bitter End", the opening track of the prequel album "The Brightest Void", is the first glimpse on Tarja’s new work — her heaviest to date. Surp...   

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00:57 26.11.2017
Аодх Иэгэн опубликовал запись

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy — Diga Diga Doo

Music video by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy performing Diga Diga Doo. © 2012 SLG, LLC

19:29 23.11.2017
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Steve Aoki & Louis Tomlinson — Just Hold On

Steve Aoki & Louis Tomlinson — Just Hold On (Official Video)

Steve Aoki & Louis Tomlinson — Just Hold On Available Now!

Ultra Music is an American independent electronic music record label based in New York City. Ultra’s current roster includes Benny Benassi, Steve Aoki, Kygo, OMI, Deorro, The Bloody Beetroots, Lil Jon, Above & Beyond, Hot Since 82, Paul van Dyk, Faul, Chris Lake, Klingande, Bakermat, Carnage, Mr Probz, Flosstradamus, H...   

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10:34 22.11.2017
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Kurwa Matj — Elektrokar

12:44 21.11.2017
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Ricky Martin — Livin' La Vida Loca

Ricky Martin — Livin' La Vida Loca

Ricky Martin's official music video for 'Livin' La Vida Loca'.

Авторы: Desmond Child / Robi Rosa
Текст песни "Livin' la Vida Loca", © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc, BMG Rights Management US, LLC


She’s into superstitions
Black cats and voodoo dolls
I feel a premonition
That girl’s gonna make me fall
She’s into new sensation
New kicks in the candlelight
She’s got a n...   

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12:03 19.11.2017
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Peter Gabriel — I’m Amazing

Peter Gabriel — I’m Amazing

"I wrote a song a few years back — ‘I’m Amazing’, which was, in part, inspired by Muhammad Ali’s life and struggles and at the time of his death, when so many people are celebrating his life and thinking about all he achieved, it seemed the right time to release it." — Peter Gabriel.

Sodeoka’s neo-psychedelic work with video, GIFs and print simultaneously inhabits the world of fine art...   

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11:29 18.11.2017
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Scotch — Disco Band

Scotch — Disco Band (1984) Official Music Video

Scotch — Disco Band (1984) Official Music Video

12:25 17.11.2017
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Jon Bon Jovi — Blaze Of Glory

Jon Bon Jovi — Blaze Of Glory

Music video by Jon Bon Jovi performing Blaze Of Glory. © 1990 The Island Def Jam Music Group

13:30 15.11.2017
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David Bowie — Space Oddity

David Bowie — Space Oddity [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Official video for David Bowie — Space Oddity.

David Bowie (Five Years 1969 — 1973) is available as 2 beautifully packaged Limited Edition box sets; on 180g audiophile vinyl and on CD, complete with companion book featuring memorabilia, rare and previously unseen photos, hand written lyrics, original album press reviews and much more.

Produced & directed by Mick Rock — New York, December 1972.

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13:31 14.11.2017
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Peter Gabriel — Come Talk To Me

Peter Gabriel — Come Talk To Me

The opening track off the DVD film based on his Secret World Live video. Pretty much the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

Авторы: Peter Gabriel
Текст песни "Come Talk to Me", © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

The wretched desert takes it’s form,
The jackal proud and tight,
In search of you I feel my way,
Through slowest heaving night
Whatever fear invents,
I swear it make no sense...   

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13:12 13.11.2017
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Smokie — I’ll Meet You at Midnight

Smokie — I’ll Meet You at Midnight (Official Video)

Smokies offizielles Video zu 'I’ll Meet You at Midnight'

Written by Michael Donald Chapman, Nicholas Barry Chinn • Copyright © Universal Music Publishing Group


A summer evening on Les Champs Elyses
A secret rendezvous they planned for days.
A sea of faces in a crowded cafe,
A sound of laughter as the music plays.

Jean-Claude was a student at the University,
Louise-Marie is just a world away.
He recall the night they met was warm wit...   

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11:11 12.11.2017
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Guns N' Roses — November Rain

Guns N' Roses — November Rain

Music video by Guns N' Roses performing November Rain. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 6,894,036. © 1992 Guns N' Roses

Written by (usa 2) Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Duff Mc Kagan, Darren A Reed, Matt Sorum, W. Axl Rose • Copyright © Universal Music Publishing Group


When I look into your eyes
I can see a love restrained
But darlin' when I hold you
Don’t you know I feel the same

Nothin' lasts forever
And we both know hea...   

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18:20 10.11.2017
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ZZ Top — Legs


Watch the official music video for ZZ Top — Legs

Авторы: Billy F Gibbons / Frank Lee Beard / Joe Michael Hill
Текст песни "Legs", © BMG Rights Management US, LLC

She’s got legs, she knows how to use them
She never begs, she knows how to choose them
She’s holdin' leg wonderin' how to feel them
Would you get behind them if you could only find them?
She’s my baby, ...   

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18:56 08.11.2017
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Hurts — Blood, Tears & Gold

Hurts — Blood, Tears & Gold

Music video by Hurts performing Blood, Tears & Gold. © 2011 Major Label Limited under exclusive licence to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

17:50 07.11.2017
Александр Асмолов опубликовал запись

Empire Of The Sun — We Are The People


We can remember swimming in December
Heading for the city lights in 1975
We share in each other
Nearer than father
The scent of a lemon drips from your eyes

We are the people that rule the world
A force running in every boy and girl
All rejoicing in the world
Take me now' we can try

We lived an adventure
Love in the Summer
Followed the sun till night
Reminiscing other times of life
For each every other
The feeling was stronger
The shock hit eleven' Got lost in your eyes

I can’t do well when I think you’re gonna leave me
But I know I try
Are you gonna leave me now...   

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14:12 06.11.2017
Maks Murdock опубликовал запись

ZZ Top — Jailhouse Rock

ZZ Top Jailhouse Rock

a french TV show 1997

Авторы: Benjamin Weisman / Fred Wise
Текст песни "Jailhouse Rock", © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

Goin' to a party in the county jail,
Prison band was there and they began to wail.
Kid is shakin' and began to sing;
You should’ve heard them knocked out jailbirds sing.
Let’s rock! Everybody, let’s rock!
Everybody in the whole cell block
Was dancin' to th...   

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